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Arm Balance 101 with Zoe Trenwith

Sunday 22 July, 12pm - 2pm

Cost: $49

If you've never attempted arm balances before and are keen to try something new, challenging and fun, or if they're part of your regular practice and you would like to work on your technique, this workshop is perfect for you!

With Zoe's guidance, you'll learn how to transfer from connecting to core into arm balances, and build the fundamental strength and techniques necessary to balance on your hands. 

Arm balances and inversions are fun and playful; they build strength, courage, a sense of humour and help to ground you. They help to build core strength and bring stillness to the body and mind.

Most of us are joyfully surprised to learn we can do things we never thought possible through the application of Yoga Alignment Principles. Learning to balance on your hands has an amazing capacity to connect you to your own power. Explore opening up to the sweet space of balance between strength and softness.

If you haven’t found yourself there yet this workshop will help you to soar to new heights as we learn how to practice these poses from a place of courage, breath and playfulness.

About Zoe:

Zoe Trenwith is a transformational life coach, yoga teacher and inspirational speaker. Her journey to yoga started as a way to heal after a serious car accident. After years of rehab, physiotherapy, surgeries and pain clinics, stepping into her first yoga class changed her life. The asana practice helped Zoe strengthen and learn to trust her body again but the mental and spiritual effects were a reawakening.

Inspired to help others, Zoe went on to study as a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, massage therapist and yoga teacher. Zoe has a deep appreciation and love for the philosophical and mythological aspects of yoga and continues to dive deep into these teachings. Her classes are playful yet challenging, encouraging students to look inwards, find internal strength and connect to themselves both on and off the mat.

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Yoga Nidra Workshop with Steph

Friday 13 July, 6pm - 7pm

Cost: $15

The body and mind both function at an optimal level when you take regular time for yourself. The body–mind connection can be so easily overlooked, but it is a vital part of our overall wellbeing.

Establishing a healthy balance between mind and body helps us to shift back to our optimal state of health. Yoga Nidra is known as 'Yogic Sleep' as it will relax your entire body and take your mind into a deep meditation. Steph will talk you through a 45 minute guided relaxation, as well as some breathing techniques.

Essential oils and eye pillows will be provided to enhance your experience.

Bring: a pillow and a blanket